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Such high quality and look fantastic!
Taylee Healy on Dec 17, 2018

Everything Obsessed Gymwear produce is amazing. such high quality and look fantastic. The Booty Bands are my favourite thing right now, I’ve literally been using them in every single workout. So many different exercises you can do. With 4 different levels of resistance, the super cute carry bag & they always keep their shape, what more could you want?

Amazing quality gear!
Kiah Bruggen on Jan 22, 2019

Amazing quality gear! I couldn’t recommend their booty bands enough. They have taken my training to the next level!

Everyone needs a set of these in their gym bag!
Lucy Quinn on Dec 23, 2018

I use the Obsessed Booty Bands daily with all of my PT clients. The bands are perfect for gluten activation as well as to increase intensity in exercises. I love that they come in 4 different resistance levels meaning I can use them for beginners and advanced clients. They are great for the gym and also at home or while travelling. A lot of my pregnant clients use them too. Everyone needs a set of these in their gym bag!

I can feel a massive difference in the activation of my glutes
Emily on Feb 28, 2019

I have never actually used Booty Bands before purchasing them in your Booty Bundle and now I feel like I have been missing out my whole life! I use them before I train legs and during my session and I can feel a massive difference in the activation of my glutes

I love Obsessed Booty Bands
Feb 18, 2019

I love Obsessed Booty Bands I use them in all of my lower body workouts. Since adding them into my workouts I have been able to focus on activating certain muscles that I want to focus on growing. Especially being 6 months pregnant these are a great alternative to heavy weights but are still extremely affective.

Obsessed Booty Bands are absolutely AMAZING!!!
Kayla Baum on Mar 04, 2019

Obsessed Booty Bands are absolutely AMAZING!!! I mainly use the Heavy and X-Heavy with all of my hip thrusts and squats. But larger movements I use the lower strength ones for. They make my workout more intense and actually help with muscle mind connection too!

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