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I have nearly every item from the womens range and I'm actually OBSESSED! The quality is insane, squat proof & comfortable! The tights don't cut in and the crops are super supportive!!

Bianca Stubbs

Well you could say I'm OBSESSED with OBSESSED GYM WEAR! I have purchased multiple items and I am in love with them all! They are comfortable, they fit perfectly and not to mention they look amazing.

Naomi Lawrence

I recently purchased my first order, not only are their products amazing, comfortable and stylish but their customer service is outstanding! I had a sizing issue with my bra I ordered and they were so quick to respond, no worries and I received my swap within a few days! I am just plain and simply OBSESSED and will be purchasing again soon!

Kristina Deurloo

Thank you so much for all of my new goodies! I am so in love with everything especially my Alena Crop. I love all of your gym wear and I will  be back for more very shortly.

Jayde Weir

Since Obsessed came out I have literally become "Obsessed". The seamless tights are super comfy and sit so well on the bod! They even have a section where it is impossible to get a camel toe and that makes me very happy! LOL I love the style & the look. Move over Lorna Jane, I'M OBSESSED!

Rhiannon Quaide

I was initially drawn by the wide range of men’s and women’s clothing to suit different bodies and active lifestyles. Once I received my purchases I was so impressed by the quality, fit and the customer service. The tights are incredible!They feel like the highest quality material, while still durable, flexible and supportive in all the right ways making them exceptionally flattering on all body types. Obsessed have created a range for people of all shapes and sizes who take pride in their body and performance. There is something for everyone and I couldn’t recommend them high enough.

Rachelle Pattemore

Comfortable - Yes. Stylish - Yes. Fit - Perfect. Squatproof - Yes. Perfect - Yes.
I absolutely love my Obsessed booty shorts. They don’t ride up, they aren’t see-through and they are super comfortable. The material, make and design is absolute quality and I get so many compliments on them every time I wear them. Cannot wait to add more Obsessed gear to my collection!

Kirsty Ford

Love this set! So comfy and very supportive! Service was absolutely fantastic with great advice about sizes and super quick replies as well as speedy deliveries!

Bella Sutcliffe

I am seriously OBSESSED with Obsessed Gymwear! The material is so soft and hugs you in all of the right spots which makes it so flattering! I am so happy that I have come across such an amazing and affordable brand!

Emily Kate

Obsessed with Obsessed Gymwear! I could never find a good supportive sports bra until I found Obsessed Gymwear. The leggings are amazingly comfortable and show off all the right assets plus you don't over heat in them! I even wear them to work.

Jessica Falzon

I recently bought my first pair of Obsessed Gymwear leggings and I honestly could not be more impressed. Not only are they extremely flattering, they are so flexible and completely squat proof!! They also have to be one of the most comfortable pairs of leggings I've ever owned. (Not once did I have to hike them up during my workout). I wish I'd got on to Obsessed earlier as I would have saved myself so much money on expensive leggings that are no where near as good! My boyfriend (who is honestly the fussiest person in the world when it comes to gym clothes) got one of the mens Tee's and loves it too! I am very careful not to promote anything I don't wholeheartedly believe in but I'm more than happy to say these leggings are some of the best I've ever owned! Im totally "OBSESSED" I cannot wait for pay day to I can get myself another pair!

Georgie Massey

I live in Gym wear and I have never been more "Obsessed" with a brand before! Everything I have purchased from Obsessed has been amazing! The fit on all the tights and crops has been incredible and so comfortable. The shape and fit of the hats are the best I literally want one in EVERY colour!

Korina Drogan

Absolutely quality gym wear! Love the Bamboo shirts and singlets, really comfortable and quality fabric. As for the hats they fit perfectly and have a great range of colours. Would highly recommend to any gym fanatics looking for some active wear! Good prices and very quick delivery!


Obsessed Gymwear - The most comfortable gym wear I have purchased! The quality is amazing and fast delivery! It's great to workout in such quality gym wear and the sizing is spot on! The Team at Obsessed give the best service and are so supportive to all of their customers!

Kait Mann

If you want to look this good, all you need to do is get your hands on one of these BAMBOO singlets from Obsessed Gymwear! Put it on and BOOM 1000% more manly... It's Science... don't believe me?? Then try it out for yourself! Disclaimer: I am not actually a scientist so I can't back up any of these claims, individual results may vary.


I love my Obsessed Gymwear! I purchased the Grey Azalea tights and Grey Obsessed Cap! (I'm obsessed with grey at the moment) My next purchase will be the Khaki Azalea tights and maroon cap!! I also got a shaker and it is absolutely legendary I love it all so much! Safe to say i'm OBSESSED!


Talithia Fisher

So Stoked with my Obsessed Gym Wear I received! The quality is 11/10. It is honestly the comfiest gym wear I have ever worn and the customer service from The Obsessed Team was amazing! I'm Obsessed with my Obsessed Gym wear! 😉

Chell Grayson

I have purchased most of the line, the product made from bamboo is quite fitting whilst I’m hammering through my hectic workouts whether that’s cardio, powerlifting or resistance. The material feels surprisingly good compared to current gym apparel on the market, its light, very comfy and breathes well and comes at an affordable price, not to mention how stylish all of the line is! Further to this I have placed orders and queries on certain items, the Obsessed team get straight back to me answering all of my questions and have the product at your door in a reasonable time frame! They’ve won me over not to mention locking a me in for as long as they are in business!

( which I hope is forever )

Matty Lester

I love this Obsessed Gymwear "Alena" Crop. It's so stylish and comfortable and great quality!

Krisna Ann

Obsessed Gymwear is by far one of the best companies I have come across in regards to Gym Wear! Their clothing range is amazing quality, long wearing and comfortable. everything I wear to the gym is pretty much Obsessed. Not only that but their service is second to none and the support and love they radiate off their social media platforms is fantastic. I'm definitely OBSESSED!!!

Bek Batham

I Absolutely love Obsessed Gymwear! The hardest thing for me is finding clothing to fit around my small waist but not cutting into my legs. Also fitting my small frame with a larger bust where I feel supported and not as if I am going to fall out of my top. The Quality, designs, fit and most importantly the price tags are AH-MAZING! Obsessed is my first and only recommendation to anyone!!

Aleesha Nicoll


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